What I have learnt this weekend


In no particular order:

1. If you know a good tradesman/handyman – cherish them. Treat them nicely, buy them gifts and do whatever it takes to keep
them happy.
2. I learnt what “grout” is and how to apply it (it’s kinda like icing a cake)
3. I have learnt to tile the kitchen floor (it looks beautiful)
4. I have learnt that I am part of an amazing team and impossible is nothing
5. I have learnt that next time I have any sort of renovation at home – I am moving out.

I am sure you’ve guessed – we have been stood up by tillers – three different one, nonetheless. So we had no choice (well, it was either this or me having a nervous breakdown, as since I’ve got busy I had no time to indulge) but to do it ourselves. And we did tile the kitchen floor. It is by no means perfect, but it is our and it is beautiful. I can start moving back to my kitchen today. Excitement!

photo (1)



2 Responses to “What I have learnt this weekend”

  1. Rosa Barker says:

    I think it looks great :) u can cook and you can tile!!! Impressive !

  2. Joe R says:

    Looks perfect.

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